x and y   
 are of top  
 left corner 
Green DIV coords ( 220, 45 )

The x and y are of the top, left of any clicked container. CLICK
anything (EXCEPT THE
ONE on the top left)

to see coordinates and width
and height of containing object!

For Divs to drag & locate:
Click the square on top left
(the one with white words)

and THEN click again holding
the mouse down & drap a new
one off of that. Repeat this
2-step procedure, again and
again, as needed.
All new ones are resizeable.

Green DIV coords ( 220, 45 )

You may find it unnecessary to
make ALL your project's
draggables and dropTargets
HERE, since you may get
sufficient information from the
pattern shown by subsets of
drag objects and drop targets