Do not use ANY quotes (" or ') in any of the textboxes AND
just use numbers without units (e.g. 50 NOT 50px).

Div Name is just an arbitrary  name you give the draggable
(same for the drop targets, below)

height and width are the pixel size of  the given draggable
-- use a number only, no units (same for the drop targets, below)

x and y are the number of pixels the div is from the left and top,
respectively (this is in pixels, but just put a number in the
textboxes -- again, no units. (E.G. 50 NOT 50px).)

image is the full actual name of the image file, such as
myImage.gif , myPic.jpg, etc.  (no quotes)

label is just the text you want to appear UNDER the
image in the given draggable div (also true for drop
targets -- as is all the information above).

You use your own images that you select but they
must have an actual size that is less than the size
of the div (draggable or drop target) they are in.
Specificly, they can have the same width as the
div, but should have a height that is 20px less
(to allow for the label !) Place images in the same
folder as everything else.