Here is what you will see when you view the Source of the sample quiz web page.  The comments
(in green BELOW, but black in the actual code) are all the instructions you need to read to
know how to make your own quiz -- assuming you can also see the simple patterns.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
<title>jQuizMe Demo3 - by Larry Battle</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="jQuizMe.css"/>

<div width="800" id="quizArea" />
<script type="text/javascript" src = "jquery-1.3.2.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jQuizMe-packed.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">

$( function($){
var undefVar;
// This is an unprocessed comment via the "//" at the beginning of the line. THESE COMMENTS CONTAIN ALL NEEDED INSTRUCTIONS.
// You will be able to make a quiz if you can see the simple patterns and follow the directions in the // comments, here in the code.

var quiz = {

multi: [ // This is an unprocessed comment via the "//". Each SET of a question type begins with a "["
{ // This is an unprocessed comment via the "//". Note the { at the beginning of each question and the } at the end
// "multi" means multiple choice IN A DROPDOWN SELECT BOX.

ques: "Who is Renee?", // Note commas after each of the question's 'properties" EXCEPT THE LAST
ans: "a teacher",
ansSel: ["a goat", "a sheep"], // Note the incorrect options are in "[]", with commas (or comma and a space) between them.
ansInfo: "Because she is human"

} // Unless this is the last question of a given type, the } will be followed by a comma.
// Make more of this unit if you want more 'multi' type questions -- multiple choice questions in a dropdown list.
// Put a comman between one question's } and the next -- if the question is not the last one in a type's se
], // Each question SET ends with a "]". There is also a comma UNLESS it is the last type of question (last set) on the test.

multiList: [ // "multiList" means multiple choice with standard radio buttons. tf and fill types are self explanatory..
ques: "Is this a question?",
ans: "correctAns",
ansSel: ["wrong1", "wrong2"]
// ansInfo is optional for any given question and ansSel is needed only for the 2 multiple choice TYPES
}, // Note the comma between questions when there is more than one of a type and it is not the last one.
// No further instructions, except for the comments 5-15 lines from the bottom.
// ALL YOU NEED TO DO NOW IS OBSERVE THE PATTERN. Do it/ follow it as needed to make your test.

ques: "What question number is this?",
ans: "3 -- if the questions are not shuffled",
ansSel: ["wrong1", "wrong2", "wrong3", "wrong4"],
ansInfo: "You just need to count."
tf: [
ques: "A tree is an animal",
ans: false,
ansInfo: "A tree is a plant "
ques: "True means valid",
ans: true,
ansInfo: "They are synonyms."
ques: "It is dark at night",
ans: true,
ansInfo: "Just look sometime."
ques: "This this T/F 4, if questions are in order",
ans: true,
ansInfo: "Just count the t/f and you will get it correct."
ques: "This is a t/f question?",
ans: true,
ansInfo: "It has two options, one true and one false."
ques: 'This is a multiple choice question',
ans: false,
ansInfo: 'It has only 2 options, one true and one false'
fill: [
ques: "Who is President (last name)?",
ans: "Obama"
ques: "What is the value of x?<br/><code>x = 9 + 8</code>",
ans: 17
ques: "<code>arr = [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]; </code><br/>arr.length == ?",
ans: 4

// You cannot have another block of questions of a given TYPE already used -- questions of a ...
// ...given type must all be in one "[]" block.

options = {
help: "This is overall help/info for a student taking the quiz. Make it what YOU want.",
intro: "This is just a sample quiz to show you the code and give an example, so you see what is happening and how it works. You will note that all questions of a certain type are grouped together and given in order unless the 2 random settings (in the Source code, BELOW where you be able to read THIS) are changed to true. You will put what ever INTRO for your test YOU want here. VIEW THE PAGE'S SOURCE FOR ALL THE COMMENTS, WHICH CONTAIN ALL THE DIRECTIONS YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR OWN QUIZ.",
allRandom: false, // Change this to true for full randomization. This alone randomizes all the questions
random: false, // This (alone) randomizes all the questions of a question TYPE but 'false' maintains the ORDER OF THE TYPES
showAns: true, // Change this to false to show no correct answers OR info during the test taking (until the review at the end).
disableRestart: false, // Change this line's false to true to NOT let a person retake the quiz. Whether items are randomize or not, each question's answers ARE randomized.
disableDelete: true,
title: "Basic Sample Quiz" // Make this your quiz title
var lang = { btn : { quitNo: [ "NO, continue", "Back" ],
help: [ "Help (click again to CLOSE)", 'Click for help'],
quitYes: ["YES, Quit", "Yes"]

$("#quizArea").jQuizMe(quiz, options, lang);
// Don't change any line or anything that has not been discussed in these comments.