NOTE: For a way to make practice tests (pretty ones, made easy), I
recommend Larry Battle's open source kit (available in THIS ZIP).
Here is a DEMO. For more information about Battle's system, see:

(Other than that provided in the zip file, here is ANOTHER VIEW
of the code and directions seen in the Source Code of the quiz web page.
When making your own quiz, copy the actual Source Code of the html
page in the zip file -- and make all changes there to have your own quiz.)


**For tests to be given FOR A GRADE**, that may be given from ANY
web site, I recommend my system, BELOW.:


Automatic Online SELF-Scoring TEST BUILDER 
(makes tests delivered online, that contain encrypted answers and score
themselves -- a version especially for teachers using it in-class
for REAL tests with good security, even though it can run from ANY
web site (because no cgi is involved); and, it makes a variety of test 
item types!)




NOW, Try out a test made with this system with:
To see the full functionality (in particular: the time the user started taking the quiz, in the
textbox at the very bottom of the test page), you will have to clear all browser cookies and
close all browsers and then open just one browser and go to the http address directly above.
If you do not know how to clear browser cookies, do (in effect) what you will have your students
do before each test and load the link BELOW into the browser and then go to the link for the
test.  (Both link addresses will need to be stored in Notepad or some text editing program,
because you cannot have more than one browser open during the test-taking procedure just
During an actual student test, lack of start-time in the bottom textbox will indicate
a failure of the student to clear cookies using test_prepper.html (which is programmatically the
same as delete_cookies.html) *OR* it will indicate that the test has been loaded more than
once -- and cheating may have occurred (though this is also prevented by not providing the
code to get the answers until after each student has finished her/his test) .

( is  for you to use)
(Please note: If you visit the sample test page more than once, you will have 
  to use the delete_cookies.html page FIRST, OR the time the test was started will
  not appear in the bottom textbox  -- this is one of the security features of the 
  program.  A similar "cookie clearer" called test_prepper.html is available for use in 
  class before each test to delete cookies students may have from earlier 
  online tests using this application.)


I. Encrypt your answer set with
(Directions, in the top 2 links above & in-outline in the Summary (below), tell you the format the answer set must be in,
what to use as the passphrase, and where to put the encrypted answer set after it is created by Cipher7.html.)


II. Use 

to build a test.

SUMMARY: This should give you an idea of how simple the entire process is
(this just outlines/restates some of the directions you have already read IN THE

These are the steps needed to make a working online test OTHER THAN the step using the
TestBuilder7.html TEST BUILDER ITSELF, to actually build the test items & visual
aspects of the test itself (which is also very easy):  These steps are really simply amount
to doing the following:

* Go to cipher7 (at OR
    IN YOUR download kit)
   Enter name of quiz in left field (without the quotes)
   Enter answers in right field formatted as such :a:b:c
   Click encrypt
* Paste resultant code into theans55.txt (or your file, theansXX.txt) --
    after "thek":  and between the other quotation marks
* Paste name of quiz into the js file (4th line from the top --put name between quotes)
    (this name of the quiz is the same phrase used in the cipher, NOT the html file name)
* Paste name of this edited js file into html (test) file
    (in the <script> tag, before the </head> tag, near the very top)

Put all the files in the kit in the same folder on your web site
(THAT'S IT).   Again, do not forget to paste the following into the
head of the test html file that you made with the TestBuilder:

<script src="enc7NSQ1.js"></script> (and you may have changed its name) --
as instructed IN THE BULLET POINTS, above, and as you are once again
reminded to do on the TestBuilder7.html page, itself.

(The Test Builder itself is considered easy-to-use via the guidance provided by that
Builder program page and prompts which come up during its use, so no outline of
what you need to do to use it appears in the bullet points above or on this web page.)

[AS WITH THIS SITE, it is essential you have an index.html file in the folder
 containing YOUR TEST
, to prevent directory browsing -- with students searching
 for the answer file.

It is the easiest way on Earth to make and do testing and it is 
all free, no ads, not catches. Get the whole kit via:

No special business site is needed and no cgi (or "server 
rights") are needed for the NS (non-submit) option. An ordinary non-commercial
web site will do. Many of us do not get a lot of cooperation from our districts. 

NOTES: One character you cannot use in an answer to
any question, which is not a, b, c, etc.,  is a colon. Plus
you cannot use a passphrase which creates a backslash
in the encrypted answers -- just change your passphrase,
i.e. test name, if that happens and re-encrypt the answer set;
the cipher7 will ALERT you if this happens, so you don't have
to hunt down such an occurance).

And know that while this system will work even from
your desktop with Firefox, it works only from a web site
with Internet Explorer (because of the way they do Ajax).