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Can I put images in with text presentations?
Can there be several questions under each topic?
What about Subject "ownership"?
Curious about me (lorlarz)?
This isn't really a blog, is it?

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Sample Blog (to try out Subject ownership)
New Discussion FORUMS area
YOU Can Become Super-Admin of The Whole Multi-Blog

SUBJECT: OUR Principles (READ)


Topic: ABOUT this Super Blog

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What about Subject "ownership"?


Who will "own" the Subjects? Individual self-identified subject experts other the Site Admin will own each of the Subjects EXCEPT the OUR Principles Subject. (For a definition of what we consider an "expert", for the purposes of this Super Blog: a Subject expert should be someone who can evaluate evidence related to a Subject and thus competently decide what Topics and what Questions and (partial) Answers to include. Such a person need not be an expert in the sense of having a related M.A. or Ph.D. or expertise from working in a related field.) Filling the 10 Subject expert positions on this Super Blog is considered mission-critical to important discussions. People should nominate themselves to "own" a Subject.

At present only the OUR Principles SUBJECT is owned.

Procedure to become a coAdmin (aka Subject "owner"):

Click the Login link above and when at the Login page,
click the Register link. Register.

You will immediately get a verification email to verify your membership.
After becoming registered for the blog:
Pick 1 of the 10 Subjects that is your best. Specifically: As
you visit the Subjects, in the Summary, you will see on each:
a LINK where you can nominate yourself as "owner".

If you would like to apply to own a particular Subject, CLICK
THE CORRESPONDING LINK on that Subject Summary.

The Site Admin will likely approve your self-nomination as the
Subject owner ( within 12 hr). You then will be the Owner, with
all the powers decribed below and elsewhere.

When you get to be an owner of a Subject, you can submit a new Subject description (aka Summary) to me ( and I will put YOUR writeup up in addition to the very brief Summary which is already there. YOU, of course, then add ALL the topics. Plus, you add whatever Questions and Answers you want, under each of those Topics -- and moderate those submitted by others. All registered users can submit Comments.

ALTERNATIVE PROCEDURE for becoming a coAdmin:
Email me ( with your email address, the Subject you want, the username & password you want, and a sentence or 2 about your interest in the particular Subject AND THEN I will set you up in one step and email you with confirmation when I have you set up (in the confirmation you will see I have added 2 characters to the end of your requested password -- to ensure the validity of your email address).

CoAdmins of this Super Blog (Subject 'owners') are given their own webspace & upload tool for file sharing -- so they may share docs, pdfs, pictures, or their own html files at their own web location (subfolder of this domain).

Added by lorlarz on Sun 13th September 2009 2.21PM

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