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Can I put images in with text presentations?
Can there be several questions under each topic?
What about Subject "ownership"?
Curious about me (lorlarz)?
This isn't really a blog, is it?

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Sample Blog (to try out Subject ownership)
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YOU Can Become Super-Admin of The Whole Multi-Blog

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This isn't really a blog, is it?


Maybe not. It is a blog in the sense of being current and having to do with things of present concern to the Subject "owners" (self-nominated subject experts). But, it is factually-based and meant to be informative in that way!

For these reasons, it might be correct to refer to this forum (an interactive forum, like "true blogs") as a Super Blog. Super in the sense of not only covering a lot of major Subjects, with a lot of major topics and questions under each, but also super in the sense of being responsible and fact based at all times.

Added by lorlarz on Wed 14th October 2009 1.43PM

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