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Can I put images in with text presentations?
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Can I put images in with text presentations?


Yes, you can. If you are a coAdmin (Subject owner), the Site Admin will provide you with a facility to upload pics or other graphics, ETC to use in the presentations of Questions or Answers (or Comments) and will provide simple directions about how to insert them (anywhere, anytime). (Much other html markup, including links, can be used about anywhere in Questions, Answers, and Comments.)

Here is an example of having an image in your presentation:

You can right-click this animated gif to have your own copy, if you want one

Added by lorlarz on Sat 12th September 2009 10.24AM

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Links, some html, and pics in Comments by lorlarzYes links and some html can be put in Comments by ALL and owners can put pictures in Comments. Here is an image :


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