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Can I put images in with text presentations?
Can there be several questions under each topic?
What about Subject "ownership"?
Curious about me (lorlarz)?
This isn't really a blog, is it?

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Sample Blog (to try out Subject ownership)
New Discussion FORUMS area
YOU Can Become Super-Admin of The Whole Multi-Blog

SUBJECT: OUR Principles (READ)


Topic: ABOUT this Super Blog

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Can there be several questions under each topic?


Yes, several or many. I am posting this Question-and-Answer just to very partially illustrate the many subjects-topics-questions/answers-comments situation which IS (or will be) this Super Blog. By the way: Questions-and-Answers, like Topics, are created by the coAdmin of the given Subject BUT it is important to realize that regular participants can submit Questions-and-Answers, which will appear if ok'ed by the coAdmin, aka Subject "owner"; "owners" can subsequently also later edit any Question-and-Anwser, hopefully noting which part of any answer is theirs and which part was submitted with the original Question by the user who submitted it.

Added by lorlarz on Sat 12th September 2009 3.11PM

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Comment under 1000 different blogs!! by lorlarzThis completely editable super blog is set up so that there may be, for example: 10 Subjects, with (for example) 10 Topics under EACH, those with (for example) 10 Questions UNDER EACH _AND_ EACH of those Questions with its own set of Comments!!. The Super Blog is like 1000-blogs-in-one (or more).


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