(Begin by clicking on one of the 4 pre-defined shapes & dragging to draw one; THEN all the facilities will work. [Canvas is png image.])


untitled - CanvasPaint

Make selections before mousedown (to draw with new color/thickness); INITIAL default is Black, Thin:
Thick?: (FUN HACK: For REALLY THICK line, click Erase & then Pick a Color; Draw Again returns to prevous color/thickness.)

Color: pick color pick color
Fill Next Closed Shape?: IF SO: USING ALPHA (0.0 - 1.0):  

Text to insert (via Shift Key AND Left Mouse Click at location desired):

(NOTES: When using shapes: Click a Button before the drawing of EACH SHAPE -- even when 2 of the same shapes are drawn in a row. Colors/Thickness is applied ONLY after it has been applied to a freestyle line or dot (1 click w/ no mousemove suffices).
There is about 5px padding between the 700X600px canvas and the div (with a red border) -- do not try to draw within 5 px of the red border. Download the kit that will run on your desktop in Firefox, HERE (<- this does not include the image save/import facility).

(done, at the beginning, before further using this tool.)
Image name (fill in BEFORE clicking optional button (above)):

UPLOAD FACILITY (uploads to a folder w/i this subdomain): This facility should be used ONLY at the end of a session, to save a canvas image you want to draw on some more IN ANOTHER DRAWING SESSION (or it may be used to upload a png image you may have made at docs.google.com or in another facility).

Browse to [theNameYOUgaveIT].png image which you saved to your desktop by right-clicking the canvas and saving its image
THEN UPLOAD. (Keep things to 560kb or less.)