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Home to a major collection of free online programs, tools, and resources for teachers and students, including the Automatic Drag-and-Drop Activity Maker.

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Owners of this site will build any generally-useful or clearly-useful web page/ online application for ANY INTERESTED PERSON for free UPON REQUEST.   Email the webmaster. 

This site (AKA is a site for sharing a large collection of the best free JavaScript and Flash applications (mainly JS apps) for teachers and students. These apps are tools to present and share information. Assessment tools are also provided, as well as tools for student or student/teacher collaborative work. There are great tools expressly for teaching/learning. All the applications are downloadable and thus you can have your own copy on YOUR site or desktop. Most of the tools require no special web site and run from ANY website and most even run from the desktop. Most run on iPhones, etc. A few of the apps require php be on your site, but these are all still non-technical, with directions making them easy to use (it is noted in menus, when PHP needed). The tools are setup to be able to be used by students or teachers on their own. *AND*: The RSS news ticker (below) provides links to the latest news about *OTHER* resources.

HERE is ONE EXAMPLE of a FREE teaching tool (program) for visiting teachers/students. (<- The "linkGuider" ON that page is a "builder" for the type of teaching utility you see via the demo link on that page. On that page, build your own! As is the case with all the apps, the whole "kit" is available in a zip, and a link to that zip is on the Builder page.) Many more tools are available -- ALL free, with no registration required, and with no ads, no solicitations, no "catches" whatsoever.

NOTE: A few of the apps (some of those that use PHP) need to be updated for versions of PHP over 5.4 .  They ran perfectly for years, but PHP has totally
deprecated some functions, using newer ones that do the same thing.  I will try to update these programs (apps); just a few EASY changes (<-- link) are needed.

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HERE IS A LINK to where we can all share our links to major sites having to do with 10
different areas of Digital Learning.


(Please note that this tool (esp. the detached version) is useful tool for parents monitoring the time their children are online, since the timer continues to work as long as a particular browser is open, regardless of what sites one visits.)


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