autoTest/Survey CMSsystem FULL DIRECTIONS
(for sites running ASP.NET 2.0+ ONLY)

The contains all you need. Just unzip it.  Use ftp and open your ASP.NET 2.0+ web server root (sometimes aka web or public_html) and find OR CREATE (as needed, which will clearly sometimes be necessary) all the folders you see within the root folder you got after unzipping .

Upload all the files/folders in the various folders in the root folder to the same folders on your web site server root .  That's it.  After logging in to either the survey or the quiz (via http://[yourdomainname]/survey or http://[yourdomainname]/quiz and using the password for the admin in Passwords.xml (in storexml folder) , now set with admin name sctTeacherCDEntry and password adminpw , go to the HTTPpage.htm page and do any and all admin things you might like to do as a survey (or quiz) CMS administrator.  [NOTE: Change the admin password (in the Password.xml file in the storexml folder of both the survey and quiz folders) to something OTHER than adminpw -- so you will have the security you will want.  DO NOT CHANGE the admin name (sctTeacherCDEntry) because then you will have to track that down in all the various individual files and change THAT there. If you just change the admin passwords in Passwords.xml , that's ALL you have to do, EXCEPT it would be good if you changed the names of  the Passwords.xml file and/or the storexml folder AND then also change those names in scrtRegisterer.aspx.cs and Login.aspx.cs (total= 3 places in those 2 files) -- IN BOTH THE QUIZ AND SURVEY folders -- in case others know how these apps are structured.]  Still, THAT'S IT!! Easy.

Note: The admin system (via HTMLpage.htm ) is a bit peculiar in that it offers little to no  feedback that it does the various functions it is supposed to do, BUT TRUST THAT EACH ADMIN PAGE INDEED DOES WHAT IT SHOULD AND DOES SO ON A SINGLE TRY.

ALSO: You will often find yourself having to use the browser's BACK button two times to
get back to where you want to go back to, instead of just one click to get back.  Again, this
is just the way the app is.

The ZIP for the whole kit: