A NON-Frame (div - based) area Contents Changer

The web pages that unzip from this zip file, picSwitch4.zip , give you 
another easy-to-customize JavaScript application you can use for your
own web pages.  This application changes the visibility of areas of a 
web page that are all "stacked" on top of one another.  You can make 
it so just one such area is visible at a time or you can make it so 
several areas (divs) appear and "layer" or stack on top of one another.

Just locate the div tags that are the 10 stacked content regions and 
put whatever content you like in there (any of the same content a 
web page can hold).  Often this is used to add to, or stack, pictures 
(or progressive portions of pictures) on top of one another.  Using 
partially transparent pictures, so lower divs show through upper 
ones, is another possibility.  Or, you can use the divs for text and 
simply display one at a time. 

Versions of this application can be viewed via: this link, or this link
or this link (three different versions; the first does everything; the 
other two are the "Checked" and "Non-Checked" versions -- with 
the checkbox hidden).