A No-CGI Search Engine

With the help of an example in the JavaScript Application 
by Jerry Bradenbaugh (O'Reilly & Assoc., 1999), I
have developed a very usable and easy to use Search Engine.

And, the good news is that it can not only be used to search 
all of the web pages on your site for content, but all the 
web pages of any group of sites you want to index.  Yes, 
you must first index all pages by hand BUT this is not hard 
and it is well worth it for what you get.  To see the program 
work, just go to the following web page and try a search for 
"images" (no quotes).  Follow all the directions on the page: 


All you have to do to use this for yourself and your sites, OR 
for your site PLUS your friends sites, is to change the records.js 
file in obvious ways.  To have this program for yourself, you can 
download the following zip file, unzip it, and locate records.js  Change it, 
as you will need to.  Upload all to the same folder on your web site and 
you got it!!:


To change the program so individual selected results open in a separate 
browser window, click THIS LINK to find out how to make the simple 
changes to the nav.html file so a variant of this program will do this.