Universal Objective Test/Inventory Scorer
(This is the Mac/PC Cross-Platform Version)

This scores any objective test or personality inventory automatically.
(The only restriction is that each test or inventory item can have only 1
answer (i.e. one response); for inventories, items may count on
more than one scale and/or be weighted -- by entering an item
number more than once in the scoring system.)

In the textarea you paste the scoring system THEN click the DoIt button; paste the answers
and click the DoIt button again. The scoring system must be in a particular format which is described
at the bottom of this page. Just as with the Java version, client/student answers must simply
be a,b,c, ... or T or F and one answer per line in a raw text file (like NotePad, TextPad,
or SimpleText) -- with no extra spaces or returns anywhere.
Each 'answer' is an answer to a test/inventory item; of course, they are in order.

For directions on using this JavaScript Scorer,
Click HERE

After properly formating the scoring system, you paste it in the textarea and Click the DoIt button.
Paste in the student/client answers and Click the DoIt button AGAIN.

To use for a second student/client, Click Reload Button on the browser, then CLICK
BEHIND the address in the browser's address blank and hold down the Shift key
and hit RETURN. This procedure ensures a clean new loading of the program.


All users of this JavaScript Scorer program are individually granted
permission to use it AND it is for THEIR USE ONLY.