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(The MENUs (above) and other features of my web pages require you have JavaScript ON.)


I can easily provide you the code and EASY directions for how to make YOUR
menus and to modify them for custom use on your own web sites. It's so easy, I'll tell
you now.

Really easy: When viewing the "Source" code (View --> Source):
Just copy the code that appears between the set of script tags in the
head of THIS VERY WEB PAGE (including the script
tags themselves) and put them in a head of your page.

Copy the stuff at the top of the body, through the first div block of code (and
including the empty paragraph -- containing the nonbreaking space NBSP) and put that
at the top of your page body.
(You will want to change the text so it is appropriate for your page).

Step 3: Copy all the code of below this p block (this text block) through
the end body tag and paste that at the bottom of your web page. OF COURSE,
change all the menu and submenu text and links so they are appropriate to your site.


By the way, the way to make the menus smaller with font size="-2" and how to add
nonbreaking spaces to create indents is illustrated in this present example.

P.S. The only other adjustments you will ever need to use the menus is to:
change the spacing of the menus -- accomplished by changing the left: xpx attribute
in the first div below each MENU X ******************************** comment