Corrected Drag & Drop

Your goal is to drag one noun and one adjective from the following table into the blanks of the sentence. To drag: SELECT a word from the table and THEN drag it to the desired blank. Simply release to mouse button to paste your answer in the chosen blank. The application makes sure you put the correct sort of word in the proper blank and you get an alert box if you make an error (thus, this is "corrected drag & drop").

If you have a local copy of this web page on your computer:
You can view the Source of this web page and, if you know basic html, you can change the table column headings and table contents and add more rows of contents to the table. You can also modify the sentence that the user is to use to do the fill-in-the-blanks exercize.


Pat said, "Oh my, the       is so      !"

Note: This particular browser application is based on examples from Danny Goodman's
most excellent JavaScript Bible, 4th edition, published by Hungry Minds, Inc. NY:NY (2001)