Welcome a ** premiere ** Content Production site

What this site does and provides for you:

  • Site provides everyone with a PUBLIC forum. No other site is so open to all where ALL can create at least some content & most productions are viewable by EVERYONE (in the world), NOT just site 'members'. (Yet the site is SPAM free !)

  • Makes all essays and all other productions indexed by major search engines, so anyone searching for something on YOUR topic using Google, etc. will FIND YOUNO other site does as much to make your productions seen and indexed by search engines ! (NOT just friends or site members, looking at or for friends)

  • Provides the ability to make types of content your LOCAL citizens' site might well not provide (or let you create), thus giving you a way to link to adjunct content and productionsAll the rich content types can be linked to from anywhere ! from your local site.

  • Foster national issues & views: Site, itself, has GREAT SEARCH FACILITIES to find similar postings. * Get to know each other  *.


[ NOTE: Site visitors get to ALL EXISTING productions via menus (All Pages, All Stories, All Blogs, New Comments, All Discussion Forums, Organic Group menus, and WIKI and Photo Galleries menus, ETC.). Never does any production by anyone appear on the front page, which remains constant, but for the list of the Titles (links to) the 5 Most Recent Major Productions -- keeping the site home page always non-cluttered and not messy or noisy. ]

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