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“The Ted Cruz of his day”: How Robert La Follette explains today’s dysfunction

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 10:25am

The gap between the rich and the rest is better described as a canyon, and it's only getting worse. The economy no longer delivers for the average worker, having been rigged to benefit entrenched, wealthy interests. Millions of Americans are losing their livelihoods to technological progress and capital's access to a huge pool of cheap labor. And any attempt to solve any of these problems is met with an iron wall of resistance from a Republican Party at war with itself but nevertheless slavishly devoted to corporate interests and a failing status quo.

That's one way to describe America today. It's a way to describe America 100 years ago, too. As the proverb goes, "There is nothing new under the sun." (Or if you're more of a modernist...)

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