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More Information on the *premiere* national Content Production site for U.S. Ninety-Nine Percent movements

All the resources and facilities of this _NEW_ Drupal full installation have been made available to 99 Percenter groups and protesters and supporters. When you register, email Brad (<- info link) at to let me know if you are an activist -- so I can make  "in-house" questionnaires/polls available to you (in addition to public questionnaires and polls).  ALSO, writers*: Let me know if you want to be an Editor.  If you want to make your own pages, blogs, polls or questionnaires ("in-house", for activist people OR public) _OR_ if you want to be able to upload photos (categorized into galleries), please request to be an Editor (Editors have nearly full administrative capabilities on this site).  The aim is to provide a clean, SEO indexed, searchable, accessible site for every sort of resource. [ You may re-post material of national interest which you have posted to other sites. We are seeking 1000 Editors ! ] 

THIS SITE is also **<- for very easy remembering.  (This site will allow little content creation until you register, then several views change -- all that is required is a valid email to  register.) Non-activist people are also welcome readers, posters, and commentators.  ALL VISITORS to this site may read Books, Pages, Stories, Blogs, Forums, & Comments & view photos (with NO registration); this is a true PUBLIC site unlike others

[* For the purposes of this site, a "writer" is anyone who wants to make any of the major productions one can make with the facilities on this site. If this is you, ask to be an Editor. ]
[ ** The most direct address to this site is and that is the address you will bookmark when you bookmark the home page. ]



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