Civil Rights

Defunding Hate

Some 35 years after Roe vs. Wade women are still the victims of religious ideology embedded in government, and special interest who use this controversy to keep the time and energy of the American people focused on an issue that divides them, instead of issues that might unite them.

Virginia State Government's Sexual Assault on Women

   Last week the Republican controlled Virginia state legislature passed House Bill 462  by a wide majority in both the House and Senate. The Bill is the latest and most extreme antiabortion legislation to obstruct, embarrass, and physically assault women as they seek reproductive healthcare in the nation.

Draft of Occupiers' Rights: A Tool for Mic Checking Police - To Be Read via Bullhorn or People's Mic

Draft of Occupiers' Rights

My occupy friends have been working on this but have limited internet access at the moment, so they asked me to share it. It includes Title 28 United States Code Section 1343(a)(3) and USC Title 42 Section 1983 information pertaining to the deprivation of civil rights.

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