Rush Limbaugh

Defunding Hate

Some 35 years after Roe vs. Wade women are still the victims of religious ideology embedded in government, and special interest who use this controversy to keep the time and energy of the American people focused on an issue that divides them, instead of issues that might unite them.

Rush Limbaugh's War On Women

  Today I heard Rush Limbaugh's opinion on birth control and The Georgetown University student.  I have to say that in all my years I have never heard such pure sexism in my life.  That is not saying much for Rush Limbaugh, or one of his corporate  sponsors Auto Zone!  I am boycotting Auto Zone and I will tell everyone who will listen why.
  This man is one of the most listened to talk show hosts on the American radio today.  Really ladies?  Perhaps it should be of interest to Rush that contraception is a man made invention?  So we are sluts, what does that make you Mr Limbaugh? 

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