Another Post to Orient New Users to the Site

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Site visitors get to ALL existing productions via menus (All OWS Pages, All OWS Stories, All Blog, New Comments, All Discussion Forums, Organic Group menus, and WIKI and Photo Galleries menus, ETC.).  

When the menu link for a Content type is clicked, the resultant page will show abstracts to all productions of a given type, and when a title for a particular production is clicked, the whole production (and others' Comments on it) comes up. Never does any production by show up on the front page (which remains quite constant), EXCEPT for links to the 5 Most Recent Major Productions *. This is how the site continues (and will forever be) clean and not messy.  [* Major productions include: Pages, Stories, Blog posts, Forum posts, new Questionnaires, new Polls, and Key News. ]

In addition to the menus to get to productions by-type (noted above) and the links to the 5 Newest Major Productions, there is the Recent Posts menu that gets to a larger and varied set of any recent new productions than the "Big 5" via the links on the Front Page. This gets everything except Comments, Organic Groups, and O.G. posts; and, a Recent Edits menus similarly gets to any productions (all except Comments, Organic Groups and O.G. posts) that authors recently edited.

The Organic Groups and "Unread Organic Group Posts" menus that get you to those kinds of productions. There are also the Questionnaires and Polls menus.

In short, again, everything is reached via menus. This is so no place is, or ever will be cluttered, and the capacity of the site is virtually limitless.



In addition to the "Create content" page which comes up when you click that menu item (and which you should read thoroughly, an perhaps Print out), there are 2 Help Forums, one (this one) with additional "Quick-start"-type orientation information you should read (esp. if you want to see your productions well-indexed by Google). Then there is a Story of mine which describes the procedure for embedding a video.