HR 347 : The National Crackdown on Americans Right to Protest the Government

Last night I have to admit I was a little surprised when I learned that HR 347 had quietly passed both the House and Senate known as, “ The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011”. Somehow, and not by accident in this American Democracy which was born out of protest and civil disobedience, and in which the People through that process have struggled to obtain resolution to both majority and minority grievance’s and civil rights issues, this legislation is making an insidious  path  to the President’s desk for his signature.
Under this Act, the government is given the power to bring federal charges against Americans engaged in political protest anywhere in the country. The broad scope of the language is such that in many ways we will have lost the right to assemble and peacefully protest at political and nonpolitical events.
Under the new law prosecutors can charge anyone who knowingly or unknowingly enters a building, site, or grounds without permission and/or with the intent to disrupt or who accidentally disrupts a government function with a federal offense if the Secret Service is on the scene. Who knows what government official will be at any event, and whether that official will be under the supervision of the Secret Service, and who knows if one might show up.
This law is one more step to keep the people at arm’s length from the government, and may be another assault on their freedom and civil rights like NDAA and others. President Obama is a Constitutional Lawyer, he signed that bill with regrets, but he signed it, the question is will he take the next step of “Separation of People and Government “.

I have signed many petitions, used social media, emailed news organizations, even emailed the President asking him to veto this legislation. Please make some noise, the media hasn’t.


Martin Luther King is on our side historically

Dr. Martin Luther King used protest and civil disobedience as the main tools in his successful civil rights movement, just as so many individuals, groups, and movements have from the Boston Tea Party to present day.
Every major social change has come from the bottom up, nothing has ever been given to the 99%, and it has come through protest and civil disobedience, the tools granted to the people by the U.S. Constitution under the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.
These Rights are not diminishable by any justification of the government. It is the government that must accommodate the Rights of the People. HR 347 is unconstitutional.

Martin Luther King Speech on Civil Disobedience

Media's Silent Running concerning HR 347

I was able to watch different segments of the various public and cable news reports / shows after posting my article yesterday and not one of them ever mentioned HR 347. I just find it unbelievable, and totally negligent of the core responsibility that the media has to the U.S. Public.

I agree all should read this site

Robert, I agree all should read this site, but (frankly, and believe me) we have a "ways to go" before that is actually happening.  You perhaps should paste a copy of your essay on the media outlet's site (IF that is possible).  But, if it is as it seems and you are indicating you are hoping they read stuff here, you are greatly overestimating this new site's popularity.  [STILL: Indeed, if you made good enough meta tags, 'they' might find your article if they searched for it in Google -- but reporters are few and far between nowadays and who knows what they are even aware of nowadays. ]