More Information on this *premiere* Content Production site

All the resources and facilities of this _NEW_ Drupal full installation have been made available to any good,wprthy group.  Writers*: Let me know if you want to be an Editor.  If you want to make your own pages, blogs, polls or questionnaires ("in-house", for activist people OR public) _OR_ if you want to be able to upload photos (categorized into galleries), please request to be an Editor (Editors have nearly full administrative capabilities on this site).  The aim is to provide a clean, SEO indexed, searchable, accessible site for every sort of resource. [ You may re-post material of national interest which you have posted to other sites. We are seeking 1000 Editors ! ] 

(This site will allow little content creation until you register, then several views change -- all that is required is a valid email to  register.) Non-activist people are also welcome readers, posters, and commentators.  ALL VISITORS to this site may read Books, Pages, Stories, Blogs, Forums, & Comments & view photos (with NO registration); this is a true PUBLIC site unlike others

[* For the purposes of this site, a "writer" is anyone who wants to make any of the major productions one can make with the facilities on this site. If this is you, ask to be an Editor. ]
[ ** The most direct address to this site is and that is the address you will bookmark when you bookmark the home page. ]




Proposals for more Ext. RSS feeds needed

Proposals for more Ext. RSS feeds needed . Email

For good site performance ...

... pages are cached SO any post you make may take up to 5 minutes (MAX.)  to appear.
[ I freely block large-IP-blocks coming out of foreign countries, when they have been associated with any spam.  This site has the strictest and most severe anti-spam policies imaginable for those foreign IPs AND IP-RANGES with any history of spam. If YOU spam, others who are not spammers but live in the same foreign country as you MAY end up being blocked completely from this site. ALSO:  ALL Anonymous comments are personally viewed by an administrator and there is NO CHANCE that any spam will get through in ANY Anonymous comments, EVER.  So just stop. ATTEMPTS AT ANON COMMENT SPAM, TOO, WILL RESULT IN LARGE FOREIGN IP-RANGES BEING BLOCKED !! ]

If only there were as many writers as spam attacks ..

The Mollom service blocks about 16 attempts at spam a day and I fail to approve about 4 blatant spam comments a day.  That is about 20 spams a day.

If this site were that busy with users writing good stuff, this would be a much greater site.

Think about that.  Thanks.

Spam comments will never get through

Spam comments will never get through because they are viewed in-person by an admin. Because of the persistence and stupidity of some spammers, not only will their user account be blocked but, starting tomorrow, their IP (and quite likely their IP range) will be blocked.  RESULT: Such scum will not even be able to view the site at all.

Thus, stop the futile nonsense, idiots!!

New Facility for Sharing YOUR Photos

In addition to sharing photos by putting them in one or another Gallery which you
work out with the administrator (me, Brad):

NOW: If you want to do photo sharing from Flickr, all you need to do is, WITHIN ANY PRODUCTION, make a link, perhaps showing the words "My Recent Photos", and then make those words a link to[yourUsername]

-- replacing [yourUsername] with your actual Flickr username.   THAT'S IT !!

What will happen is that when a visitor sees this link in your production and clicks it:

[ The WYSIWYG interface (where you type to make any production), has a symbol to
  click to make any text you highlight into a link*.  Thus making your chosen words (e.g.
  "My Recent Photos") into a the necessary link IS EASY.  ALL THIS somewhat replaces
  Activity Streams -- something that is no longer supported by DRUPAL and thus
  no longer offered to any users of this site.  *FOOTNOTE: Of course you can also set
  the page-of-links to your photos to open in a new window (via the make-a-link). ] changed the rules changed the rules.  They now have another method with another set of rules to link to an individual's photos on their site.

To Actually Get Double-Spacing Between Paragraphs

The most irritating feature of the text/WYSIWYG-editor on this Drupal site is that
there looks like there is double-spacing between the paragraphs when that is not
what will be produced unless you add an extra Return (OR Shift-Return). Read on.
If you want to Edit the article to get double-spacing between paragraphs:  Just add another space (Return) OR (and this often is best): another Return while holding the Shift key down.  To get into the editing mode: just log-in, click Edit while looking at your
production, and then you can add the extra spaces.

New Policy

I have instituted a new policy that if someone registers on this site, but then never even logs in for 9+ weeks, their account will be deleted.  They may re-register (even with the same name and password) if they come back.

Similarly, Editors who go 19+ weeks (19 or more weeks) without logging-in for that entire time period AND have  never contributed will likewise be deleted.  They may re-register and may again request to be Editors (and they will not be turned down).

This policy actually encourages participation, because people who have forgotten they have accounts are reminded.  It is largely for this reason that I have this new policy.

To Those Content with Facebook, Twitter etc.

Contentment with Facebook, Twitter etc.: This is why the movement is not progressing. That & the anarchists & silent ANONS. FYYFF

If you like this site ...

If you like this rich, yet open, public site help publicize it !!

Facebook and Twitter, utter rot

...decided to suspend most of my activity on Facebook (non-public) and Twitter (effectively non-public). These are absolutely the poorest ways to publicize a PUBLIC movement BECAUSE they are not really public.  Facebook requires registration to see almost anything AND because of the nature of their search facilities, only your friends will see your material (and that is still somewhat unlikely, given the poor organization of the content).  Regular ways of searching for content(like regular people do: USING SEARCH ENGINES) will not find this content.

Twitter is equally largely friends-only, not because it is not public (technically) but because of the large volume of passing material only friends would typically see what you have presented (which is greatly limited by being only 140 characters).

Sticking with just Facebook and Twitter is especially ridiculous since a regular web site (something a 5th grader can make) is better in the most important ways: they are truly public (at least for viewing) and people searching for content using search engines will  find the material.

In protest against the CORPORATE "social media", Facebook and Twitter, I have largely suspended ACTIVITY THERE.  These media limit, contain, distract and pacify the Occupy movements and are essentially the "opiates of the masses".  It is just plain dumb, ignorant, and unnecessary to use such poorly-organized, non-open, media for important public concerns.  Friends: Facebook is on-wall-street; are YOU occupying wall street OR are they occupying YOU?? (For more, see my forum post.)

I no longer have a Facebook account

I no longer have a Facebook account,  I finished using that for any purposes I would ever have there in my lifetime.

Important Note to Editors AND all content producers

Note to Editors and all writers / content producers: You must make your own unique keyword and description meta tags. Change the defaults.  Otherwise the entire site suffers:  When Goggle sees the same meta tags (the defaults) for a collection of different pages, the site and its pages are seen as more bogus and not given the indexing they should or could get.  I am asking that all go back to their productions and find the META 'vertical tab'. Click that. Then change the words or phrases between the commas in the keywords meta tags to words and phrases appropriate to your own page, story, blog, or whatever major production. (Note there is no space either side of a comma in the keywords meta tag.)  The description meta tag should be changed to a 1-3 sentence description of your particular production. 

ALSO: You should set a good title for the head by filling in the Title textbox with a good Title (might be the same one you used already -- if that was a good title).

If content producers do not edit their own keywords and description meta tags when they make a production OR within a day or two of making a production: then I SHOULD edit them from the defaults, myself, BUT I (unfortunately) do not have the time.  I WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE YOU HAVE ALL THE CONTROL OVER EACH OF YOUR PRODUCTIONS (aka web pages) anyway. [I want each page (production) to succeed in being found in a Google, Bing, and Yahoo search.]

Editors and all writers may want to note the change

Editors and all content producers may want to note the change in the Comment to which THIS comment is a response.  In short: to do well in Google, content producers must edit the default description and keywords meta tags for their productions, themselves.

[ This comment-on-a-comment illustrates an interesting point: Since edits to comments DO NOT show up in the Recent edits list (via the Recent Edits menu link), it is important to follow-up any comment which has been significantly edited with a comment pointing out that the main comment was edited. ]

Edits made to parent Comments

Note: Edits have been made to the above comment and to the comment to which IT was a comment.

Tweet and Facebook your productions:

Use new facility to send your posts and attract people here.

About publicizing this site ...

... over the last 2+ mo. I have done all I can think of. ...
... ... ... ... It is fair to say that there will be have to be some word-of-mouth, mentions, etc.  from current members and Editors for the membership (and Editorial people) to grow. 

Spam protection increased ...

... but I will get any that get through w/i hrs and block the IP. (more ->) ...

... ... ... My pledge: Spam will be controlled one way or another -- even if I end up having to ok each user registration (which I can set up with the click of one button).  Already now, I have added special content checks on any posts from anonymous OR regular registered users (all new today).

A few months ago, there were a couple instances of spam.  Since the spam-protection facilities have been enhanced, there has not been a single instance of a spam post or comment (or any spam of any sort) getting through -- none in 2 full months.

Note to Editors

See FAQ material on making double-spacing between paragraphs

New Features Added ...

Now: U can sign up for Notifications & we show Ext. RSS Feeds

How to meet others

If you see others online U can click their name &, if they allow it, use a contact form to introduce yourself. This also works wherever you see a person's name as an author. Making a personal contact might be a good way to keep people involved.

Post Anon Suggestions

Post suggestions in "User Suggestions" Discussion Forum

Encourage Others

Others find it encouraging when others comment on their posts

Just FYI ...

We are up to approximately 50 Editors now.  Unfortunately, most have never participated and the vast majority of the rest posted only once or twice.  (Info. updated Mar 29, 2012)

Good in Google

Try every combo.: occupy wall street &:  leaders OR writers (or both)