Nationwide Voter Suppression : Another Assault on the 99% Civil Rights to keep 1% Policies

For some time now there has been “creative design” by the republican mind going on when it comes to the phantom pain of voter fraud. But since the 2008 elections in states where republican legislatures dominate, laws have been passed that resemble what use to be called a poll tax, which in today’s terms would equate to provisions that intimidate, inhibit, or obstruct an individual from voting due to politically applied complexity, or increased physical, emotional, social, or economic  impediments. The republican bills are full of these, with a specific objective to obstruct, or make it more likely to prevent disabled, elderly, lower – lower middle class, young, college, immigrant, and ethnic voters from exercising their civil right to vote, which is their voice in our collective government, which when massed together is the power of ideas and change, that we desperately need to maintain a healthy democracy.

You may ask yourself on what grounds do they put forth, and pass this legislation that denies American citizens their right to vote. There is as always in politics the facade for public consumption which is,”There is or could be widespread fraud and we have to protect the credibility of the electoral process”. The problem is studies done by the nonpartisan Brennen Center for Justice showed federal law penalties were a successful deterrent, and that between 2000 and 2010 there was less than 100 instances (mostly accidental) of voter fraud in the United States bringing the rate of voter fraud to an insignificant 0.0000002%. If Republicans were worried about the sanctity of the election they would be better served to follow the real problems like those found in the much higher error rates in current voting systems.

Then, there is the underlying motivation. Each of the laws, if you look at who gets disqualified, overwhelmingly targets democratic and independent voters, it reduces the number of individuals that would probably vote for democratic or independent candidates, but not republican.
Why, would they do this? Simply put America is changing, the electorate is trending towards independents and democrats, while fewer voters identify themselves as republicans according to a 2008 Pew Research Center Survey, and Independents seem to be the fastest growing and largest electoral group by percentage. The republicans are simply trying to pick off possible democratic support to give them any advantage they can get in elections as they become increasingly marginalized. They have, and they will continue to disenfranchise voters to stay in power and forward their socioeconomic agenda, even when it’s failed, and rejected by the electorate. We need to be enabling voter access and participation not denying it. The science says the process is sound.

I don’t think I need to elaborate on who the republicans serve. It’s has not been the issues of the 99%, and nationwide voter suppression targets the 99 % demographic NOW, and into the future if it succeeds by swapping your vote for 1 % policy.
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