Occupy This !

Many people will ask, "What is Occupy?", and you would get many different answers, because Occupy is an inclusive "platform of people", not of party ideology. The Occupy Movement is people focused on people issues, not in manipulating others for personal and/or political gain. Instead of demanding that you conform, Occupy draws it's vision and direction from the hopes, dreams, and voices of the 99%.

Occupy is a movement of people across America, and the World seeking an end to governments, institutions, and policies that create social inequity and injustice for the common man and woman. In this age of technology and scientific advances we should be creating a better world for all living beings, while protecting our planet, but that is not the path governments, corporations, and special interest have directed their efforts down, despite the will of the people or electorate.

In fact, legislation and deregulation has brought about free trade agreements and globalization, with the exploitation of people and environment on one end, and declining living standards, homelessness, and poverty at the other.

The gutting of protective legislation pushed by special interest, and assisted by your elected politicians, such as the Glass-Steagall Act which was enacted after corporate misbehavior caused the Great Depression in 1929, resulted in the Great Recession which started in 2008. The recession is now being called a "Second Great Depression" by some economist's.

The Supreme Court decisions leading up to, and culminating in Citizens United vs FEC led to the rise of Super PAC's and an endless supply of money that funds, dominates, corrupts, and disenfranchises the average persons ability to get factual information about candidates, issues, and ultimately their vote.

These are just three pieces of legislation among hundreds as an example, that show the deep impact of the 1%, and corporate influence on the government, and hence the lives of the 99%, or the average American. The common theme that runs through all of these is that each was initiated by, benefited the rich elite, or the wealthiest 1%, and corporations, and each caused, and continues to cause emotional and physical suffering, hardship, and disenfranchisement of the 99%, or the average American, both now, and into the foreseeable future.

So, Occupy is a broad group of individuals, each recognized, each with a voice that is heard, contributing to a flowing Movement of change, by bringing attention to, educating each other and the public about, and addressing issues effecting the 99%, representing every kind of people, using pen, paper, protest, vote, nonviolent civil disobedience, collaboration, and social networking. Occupy is earthy, contemporary, and technologically savvy, a Movement with a disproportionate amount of America's most hard hit generations, America's Youth. Occupy is Edgy, but your accepting defeat, or fighting for your independence. The Movement is not about hate, exclusion, or violence, but love, inclusion, and democracy. Occupy This !