The original OWS demands...

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were to investigate and prosecute the banksters. Now that Obama has implied he will help do that, we awta consider what we can do as well. Since he's president not king, state govts & congress can either help, or impede. To ensure the former, OWS would do well to help form a new national 99percent party to take control of congress away from the lawyers- who run it no matter which national party is the majority.
Sen McConnell spelled it out for us:"My first duty is to see Obama is a one term president." He should be replaced with someone whose first duty is to represent the people of South Carolina, not a national political party.
Both major parties have inherited positions which are not now, if they ever were, logically consistent. Neither party will ever admit it was wrong in this, or that any of its positions are obsolete. This has a lot to do with why congress gets such low ratings and why so man voters are uncommitted independents.
OWS could help form a national party committed to represent them rather than a national party; one that will not have lawyers as candidates- because no law is ever passed which reduces the incomes or prerogatives of lawyers even tho laws have done so to every other profession.
In terms of cleaning up Wall Street, brokerages, the FED, and banking, it'd make much more sense to elect CPAs who get how money games are played. They would be the people to craft effective tax reform. shows Moyers and all of us what is politically possible, and why wedge issues should be avoided in a political party platform if it is to get the support of the large majority of independent and less committed voters. Preaching to the choir is not necessary altho possibly emotionally rewarding while challenging zealots is an aggravating waste of time. Lets stick with the original question: What is it, the 99% can reach 100% consensus on?