My husband and I went to see Mirror, Mirror yesterday. It is a rather fun, well-produced re-telling of Snow White from the perspective of the evil step-mother/queen. I just scanned the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Pretty much everyone hates it. And I think, everyone pretty much missed the point of the film. In the re-telling, the makers of this film have captured the mood, sensibility, issues and personalities of our times. I'm too lazy to go into the details and, besides, I think it best that I just point everyone in the right direction for them to find the beauty and deeper message in this work.
Like Snow White in the film, many of us have needed some event or problem in our lives to spur us into action and blossom into our potential. Mine was the coming together of a promotion that I didn't get in a very messy, personal way but left me in my job to have that wound remain open, the final illness of my stepfather, which confirmed so very strongly that I have had the blessing of two very different, very special fathers in my life, an injury that required substantial therapy and still left me partly lacking the use of my right hand, the passage of the marriage equality act in New York that allowed my husband and me to take care of that last, legal aspect of our relationship and seriously look at where we traveled together in 16 years, the opportunity to teach political science once again after 20 years but in the context of a community college, and the rise and continued evolution of the Occupy movement. Okay, in my case it wasn't one event or problem.
Now, I am very much involved in the Occupy movement as a writer, strategist and analyst. I am one voice among thousands helping to shape the change that is needed in our country. There have been a few bumps and bruises along the way as I have tried to find my place. And I have fallen into more rabbit holes in 2012 than in my entire life before this year. I have an idea for a way in which the Occupy movement can radically leverage it's impact on our country and push us forward on the path to that change we need so much. I continue to be involved, hoping that my idea will be taken up. It has been difficult due to the nature of the movement, being so spread out and lacking in structure. I keep thinking one of those rabbit holes will be open up the line of communication I need. We'll see.
My mother enclosed a sort of business card in the note she and my father gave me when I graduated from high school. She had obtained it from a convent not far from where we lived. On it, there's a drawing of a beaver that has felled a tree. The word "persist" appears below. Some day I will happen upon that card. I used to have it in my wallet, but I believe I put it in a box for safe keeping along with some momentos from my teen years. Consciously or not, I have lived by that motto my entire adult life. Therein lies my strength. I do continue forward. Mostly, it has been a battle of making sure people understand what I am trying to do. What I see plainly does not register with many people. Just like Mirror, Mirror, I am quite certain the message will get through eventually.