You are never too old to help in some way

I attended the first Occupy in Mpls.(OWS) and was glad to see both young and "old" folks getting involved.
I don't think many "elders" who live outside the twin cities will do much to support OWS and I probably won't spend my retirement going to the city  just to show up. I will continue to support and donate a small amount periodically and I urge other seniors to do at least that. If you have a skill that would help the active folks feel free to volunteer. Just go and tell them what you can offer.
If you able, it is a great feeling to be around the active participants and feel their enthusiasm. We are fortunate to have Sen. Franken and Rep. Ellison here in MN and they need our vote  to continue to be helpful to OWS.
My most recent contribution was through: OccupyMN: Occupy The Midwest... help in spome way  it feels good!