Expandable Hierarchical Link Menu BUILDER 4

                                Level you are on:      Last Button You Clicked:

Text for Top Level Item:   (<-- Fill in BEFORE you click the "Top Level Item" Button or that button will not work.)

**OR**  Text for Item: AND Hyperlink Address:  
                                             (Fill in BOTH of the 2 textboxes above (or just the first one, if checkbox is checked) BEFORE you click one of the three regular Item Buttons OR those buttons will not work.)

 (<-- This gets clicked ONLY ONCE, at the very beginning of the "build"; THE ONLY CORRECT *NEXT* BUTTON IS: "Top Level Item", the button directly below.)

  (<-- There is no associated Hyperlink with a top level item so use just the one textbox to give this item its text.)

   (<-- This button is used to put any items under any other item, as "children"; it begins a
                                                                                                                                                                                        child level (2,3,4, ...). A given child level typically begins and ends several times per menu.)

  Check if you want an Item from the ABOVE BUTTON (i.e.                                            *"Last Item at Current Level" Footnote: (a) Say "oth" to the prompt, when you need to end a higher level in addition to
           item  WITH Children) without a  link of its own.                                                             the current level *BUT* this higher level item has another item at its same level  starting immediately. In such a case,
                                                                                                                                                              input "oth" to the prompt box and use the "End of A Level OR of Top Level  (with another ...   immediately)" button.
                                                                                                                                                               (<- This part of the footnote is about a relatively rare situation.)   *But, PLEASE NOTE*: (b) You  also use "oth" when the
                                                                                                                                                              additional level you are ending IS THE TOP LEVEL (and then use one of the last 2 buttons below); this constraint is enforced.

  (<-- Do NOT use this button to end Level 1, i.e. Top Level item, OR to end a Level when another at the same level begins immediately.
                                                                         Instead use the one of the next two buttons, as appropriate; you may find this button unnecessary or very rarely needed.)

   **OR**     (<-- This gets
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        clicked ONCE and ONLY Once -- at the end of the "build)

The content of the textarea above replaces the variable, var olData  = ... ,  in expandableMenu.js .   This will place YOUR
expandable hierarchical menu where the sample one is in this JavaScript application.  Use a raw text editor to do your editing.  I
recommend "Very Simple Text".   Download the js file, the images, the builder (the complete kit) VIA THIS LINK (a zip download).
Just change the one BIG variable in the expandableMenu.js file and upload that and the rest or the contents of the unzipped zip file
TO YOUR web site and you will have your OWN Expandable Hierarchical Link Menu.

[DURING THE RUNNING OF THIS BUILDER PROGRAM (from a web site -- such as this present page):
If you get a request to run "scripted windows," right click and give temporary permission for them to run. Whatever
action you took directly before getting the Scripted Window Alert will have to be redone, since that action was cancelled.

(The Builder, of course, NEED NOT be run from a web site, but may simple be used on your desktop -- thus it need not
be uploaded to the web site with the other contents of the unzipped zip file. That brings up another thing to note: when
the Builder is run locally (i.e. on your desktop) by Internet Explorer, you MAY be asked if it is ok to run an "Active X"
component; right click and respond "Allow Blocked Content".)]