Content Editable and Stored Locally,

session to session

The element with the contenteditable attribute set is BELOW & has a red border. Feel free to edit and change the contents. The contents changes get saved whenever the red-bordered element loses focus. This uses local storage ON YOUR MACHINE to maintain your changes (browser/computer session to session), until you clear them. (Known to work on IE for PC; Safari for Mac; will work on FireFox if Privacy settings do not clear cookies when browsers closes.)

Go ahead, edit away! (NOTE: The content is saved to what amounts
to a super cookie on YOUR computer. Thus the content will be
viewable ONLY when you use the same computer. Also: The
content is surrounded by pre tags, and auto wrapping is
not applied -- so use carriage returns. You may paste a
Word doc, etc., and much of the formatting is retained.)

(Hold down SHIFT key for single, instead of double, spacing when typing in the editable area.)