NOTE: Even if you do skip the tool that IS on this page, be sure to see the DOZEN+ links to many great teacher and student resources at the bottom of this page. There is much more via the link at the bottom of the page.

Content area: Use the "tabs" to have multiple subtopics and, within each, up to ten web page links per subtopic (in the cascading menu, which will be built via JavaScript and CSS from the htm doc your are building HERE on this page). Do things sensibly, sequentially (use only the tabs you need for your number of subtopics and use only the textboxes you need for the number of subsubtopics & associated web pages/sites for each subtopic). Click HERE for a very short demo of the product you build using the Builder on this page.

When finished, Click the Button. Copy and paste the contents of the textarea into a raw text
document (e.g. NotePad or SimpleText) and with the dropdown set to "All Files" and the file name
set to whatever.htm, save the document as a htm file (if you don't have a selectbox which allows
you to choose "All Files", put the web page name, whatever.htm, in quotes ("whatever.htm")).
Now, change the name of the htm file loaded into the top frame of the demo.htm frameset to be
the name of the htm file you just created. Finally, upload your htm file and the demo.htm file and
all the other contents of the to to your web site and you are good to go.

Thanks to two excellent example programs in Simply JavaScript by Yank & Cameron (Sitepoint, 2007)
for the main parts of this application (the "accordion" itself and the coding style for the cascading lists).
Want finer control? Get a complete kit to BUILD your own Expandable Hierarchical Link Menu with
up to 7 levels -- the automatic Builder makes this unbelieveable easy.

Some Other Free Tools on this Site:

Graphing Tools
Online Notecards (better than the real thing)
A Major Slide ShowS Utility
Cool Drag-and-Drop AND Tooltip Applications
Automatic Table of Contents with Jump Links to Sections on Your Page
"Use anytime" Drawing/Writing Scratch Pad (or "Personal WhiteBoard")
Thanks to the folks at, we can view educational FLV lectures FROM THEIR SOURCE!
Universal Automatic Drag-and-Drop Activity Builder (builds the code and web page).
Automatic Language Learning/Matching Activity Builder (just put a lot of txt files like THIS in same folder as html page)
Automatically Score Objective Tests. Only limitation: 1 ans. per numbered test item.
Automatically make self-scoring objective tests which run from ANY web server; no cgi required
    (Obviously these are online tests that run in the browser; this system was made way back in 2003,
     but still seems to work in most browsers.)
NOTE: THIS Auto Scoring Test PROGRAM has been redone, Jan 2009. Since thie auto-grading is done in class
I have decided that the SUBMIT-the-results-to-the-server option will NOT be supported anymore (though some
directions indicate otherwise). Teachers should be sure to record a student's results as soon as he gets them.

Some Other Free Tools:

NOTE: As of Jan 2010: Not all the tools can be seen/obtained through links on this page. One must use the nice menu system on the HOME PAGE to see and get all the tools.

Thanks to Danny Goodman and his great book "JavaScript and DHTML Cookbook" (O'Reilly 2007)
and to the generous code use policy of O'Reilly, we have this great tool available:
Use multi-link context menus, instead of links (to better provide for student needs and individual differences in interests).
Get this tool for yourself via THIS LINK. To read just a bit more about it, CLICK HERE.

FOOTNOTE: If you use MAC OS 10+ you may need a good raw text utility.  There is a great one called
"Really Simple Text".  When saving any htm, css, js, etc. file, just type in the name (no quotes needed) with
the type "Any" selected (the only choice) and each sort of file will be saved as raw text, just as it's supposed to be.