Check HERE (in 5 sec) & check U1.txt and U2.txt to see if this application is in use by another pair of users
Fill in both textboxes before clicking on the canvas: LINK TO SOME DIRECTIONS (For this instance:
Main user (one of the users) must be: user1 ; the other: user2.). Check if really in use: U1.txt U2.txt (Both empty or bogus, then NOT in use)
(<- at very start & end of session, resp; you may also click if U1.txt or U2.txt are bogus)

Make selection before each mousedown (to draw); default is black, thin:
Thick?: Color:

Text to insert (via Shift Key AND Keydown at location desired (immediately followed by keyup))(FireFox ONLY):

(These versions include saving and uploading the final png product, importing this image (or any other image) to the canvas later, and
drawing text to the canvas AND the betterDraw.html & betterDraw3.html versions offer a MUCH EASIER, FASTER, AND VERY
RELIABLE VERSION -- with all the upload capabilites just mentioned and more. ALL require ONLY a php-enabled site and
no database needed.
Install is unbelieveably easy -- just put all in a folder on your site plus you *might* have to set some folder permissions. That's it.)

A new betterDraw4.html has been developed, with an associated popup page. Here is the code for betterDraw4.html
HERE is the code for the associated popup page. Simply put these 2 files in the same folder as the stuff in the big zip file,
once unzipped, and you can use this version instead of betterDraw3.html.

HERE is a link to a great hack, so any number can participate on the Shared Whiteboard (the better versions).