Have any number of participants using betterDraw3.html
OR Use it as a Personal Presentation Whiteboard

I recently updated the capabilities of the beta betterDraw3.html (in the fullDrawingKit.zip at
http://mynichecomputing.org/fullDrawingKit.zip  )

Big HACK available: MANY USERS Collaborating :
When using betterDraw3.html,
you can really have as many user2s as you want. You just have
to make *sure* only one takes that role at a time. While only one
browser should be opened up with the textboxes filled in user1 and user2
IN THAT ORDER, any number of browsers can be opened with the
textboxes filled in user2 and user1, respectively -- in that order.

After each turn (AND ALL CAN SEE WHEN TURNS END), anyone not
currently participating in drawing can _still_ get the current
shared drawing by viewing

When it is their turn to draw: then they use their instance of the Shared Drawing

In short, if you are communicating with everyone via phone or via some
live chat application (like the one I offer*), any number of people can participate in
a shared drawing. They just have to know when it is their turn to be "user2"
and take their turn as user2 only when they are supposed to.

Thus the newer versions of the application allow for a lot of simultaneous

(It is also recommended that people who are not drawing wait until user1 or the
current user2 begins drawing (i.e. waits for the next drawer to start)
before they check for updates.)

My ajax real time chat application free for you: 

Your own twitter. For the server/php/mySQL guy (YOU) : CLICK HERE.
For everyone's Desktop: CLICK HERE (<- optional; people can just use the
online webpage on your site, in the first zip))


ANOTHER "HACK" for a Personal Presentation Whiteboard:

FOR AN ADVANCED WHITEBOARD:  You can use a certain trick with the
advanced versions of the Shared Whiteboard (the betterDraw.html version OR
betterDraw3.html version), available in the zip file on the page you get to via the
LINK in the NEXT ACCORDION TAB (the accordion tab below the one you clicked
to find out about THIS "Personal Whiteboard").

HERE IS THE TRICK (and this will work using betterDraw3.html (or betterDraw.html)
right on your desktop -- i.e. no upload to a web server necessary.):  The trick is easy: 
Once you have one of the betterDraw html pages open in Firefox (and, yes, this version is
FIREFOX ONLY), you simply click a shape FIRST and then drag with mousedown on the

(Of course, without uploading all the files to a php-enable web server, the live remote sharing
aspect of this Shared Whiteboard application will not work.  BUT, DO KNOW THIS:
Even when the app is used in a non-sharing mode, you can still import an image to the
canvas, mark up that image, save the altered image to your desktop (giving it any name
you please) and then upload the image to your folder on your site.)