Detailed Directions


The APPLICATION IS FOR FIREFOX ONLY.  It is known to work reliably 
and very well in Firefox (and has been tested on all platforms: Mac, PC, Linux).

First, the main way to determine if U1.txt or U2.txt are bogus:  If either of these text files are non-blank
AND does NOT begin with [[[  ,  then you SHOULD click the "1st and Last Drawer CLICK HERE" button
because things are bogus, if that is the case -- that "1st and Last ..."  button clears both txt files and returns the
app status to:
*UNOCCUPIED*: AVAILABLE for drawing by NEW PAIR. (Once you know the application,
you will be realize there are other times the txt files can be bogus: for example, if you look at one over
and over, over several minutes and it never changes, even though you refresh your View, it may indicate
some user, no longer present, just left the application in an uncleared-out state.)

About the only 2 things you can do with the mouse that will really cause problems is:  (1) Depressing the mouse
button BEFORE you go over the canvas area and dragging ONTO it.  If you do this, you messed up. Or (2) Drawing
before the top says: "[yourusername] is drawing". BUT THERE OTHER THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT DO ALSO:

CLICK the "1st and Last Drawer CLICK HERE" button ONLY at the very beginning and end of the user
session for your pair, BUT DO CLICK IT AT THOSE 2 POINTS (at the end, click DONE before clicking this button).

NEVER click DONE before you have actually clicked "My Turn" and have taken a turn of some sort, if
only to see the alert and collect the other's partial drawing, if any.

DO KNOW: that if it is your turn and you do not want to draw, you may just dismiss the alert, and just get
whatever drawing the other person has done, see the canvas become available to you and then just
click DONE at that point.  IN ANY CASE: DO CLICK THE "My Turn" button when it is your turn.

Do NOT ever click the "My Turn" button twice in a row. AND: Do not click the "DONE w/ my turn" button more
than once in a row (or at an inappropriate time).

Between "bouts" of drawing (mouseups), be sure to wait the second or so for "Sending data ..." to turn to
"Ready for drawing again!!" before doing a mousedown again to do more drawing.

The buttons, the blank for text to insert, and the checkbox (all below the canvas area) are clicked or filled in or checked
before a given drawing bout (i.e. before a certain shift-mousedown or before a certain mousedown and drag).

The colors will also apply to any text inserted (if you are using the Firefox version that allows for that) and the
checkbox (if checked) will make the text inserted 12pt instead of 10pt (the default and size you get w/o a check).

NOTE:  One username MUST be "user1".  ALSO: the other username cannot be a part of that name
(like user or use, etc) NOR may the other username contain 'user1' (like user12, user1b, etc).  (I guess
this may be considered a bug, but it is just has to do with the way some validity checks are set up.)


The order of things you will see and do, as you use the application are:


    [then one of the users in your pair will click "1st and Last Drawer CLICK HERE" button]

    [then one of the users in your pair will click the "My Turn" button -- let's say user1, in this example
     (and let's pretend YOU are user1). NOTE: One of the users MUST have the name: user1 .]

    You will then see an alert box, instructing you to wait for when the TOP of the Page
    says "user1 is now drawing" before beginning to drag over the canvas, with mouse down, to
    draw (or before Shift-Clicking to insert text  -- if you are using the version that allows for this)).

    As mentioned, you will see "user1 is now drawing" at the top of the page.

    [when done with several "bouts" of drawing, etc., you will click the "DONE w/ my turn" button.  (Between 'bouts" DO wait
      for "Sending data ..." to change to "Ready for drawing again!!"   -- though this typically takes a second or less.)]

    Within about 5 sec, you will see "available for [otherusername] of ACTIVE PAIR"
    at the top of the page.

    You will then soon see " [otherusername]  is now drawing" at the top of the page

    [the other user is collecting your drawing and may also be doing some drawing of their own]

    At some point you will then see: "available for user1 of ACTIVE PAIR"

     at that point it is time for you to click the "My Turn" button to collect the other's drawing or to
     collect the other's drawing and then do some of your own.
      WILL SEE THE SAME SEQUENCE DESCRIBED, directly above, OVER AND OVER -- until your
      shared drawing session is over.)  I will show 2 more of the steps you have already seen above, now
      repeated directly below:

    WHEN DONE (with another set of "bouts" of drawing), you will once again click the "DONE w/ my turn" button

    Within about 5 sec, you will see "available for [otherusername] of ACTIVE PAIR"
    at the top of the page.  ETC., ETC., ETC. ... ]