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A set of Tabs will display here, allowing you to see  subtypes of applications under each TYPE. Then,  when a Tab is Selected, Accordion Tabs will allow you to read the descriptions of particular applications. Also, when an Accordion Tab is Selected,  it will provide you with a link which you can CLICK to view the app and get your own free copy of the open-source application.

CLICK HERE to get your own complete kit.

CLICK HERE for further directions.

Link to NOTES about how you can have >1 link per accord. tab, with a little extra coding.

For a real-life example of the use of this menu tool, see the HOME PAGE of this site.

NOTE: This button/tabs/accord_tabs menu system works only with jQuery 1.2.6 . I would be
happy to have someone rewrite a version for new jQuery, but until then you MUST use 1.2.6 .
(It is possible, if needed, to run >1 version of jQuery on a given page -- Google for quick info.)