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Dynamic Table Builder

About the 1. Dynamic Table Builder: Table will appear at the bottom of the page as you build it by using a form to dynamically add all headers, footers, captions, and record entries. There are facilities to: Add/Remove Caption Text; Add/Remove TABLE HEAD and TABLE FOOT (both optional) (T. Head often used for column names; T. Foot for Totals); next, of course, there is a way to Add/Remove Rows (this is near to the bottom of the Builder Form, because it will be used more often and after the table is set with header and footer, if any); AND there is a button to Add/Remove Left Column Showing Row Numbers (this final feature also has a provision so you can add Optional Text For Footer Row).

Teacher's Dynamic List Builder

About the 2. Teacher's Dynamic List Builder: There is a textbox to add to or replace entries in the Ordered List (anywhere); Controls to add, delete, items ANYWHERE to the List AND a facility to swap any two items (all this is a "long way" from the blackboard -- forget erasures!!)

Text Selection/Editing Tool

About the 3. Text Selection/Editing Tool : This tool allows English teachers or foreign language teachers to display AND edit any body of text they want to. (The default text that is there can be selected, deleted and replaced with any text). The text can then be corrected for spelling, grammar, punctuation and/or writing style, etc. The tool also provides a one click way to select any given letter, word, sentence or length of phrase (with just a mouse click).

Dynamic Table Records Display

About the 4. Dynamic Table Records Display : This dynamic web page displays a table the records of which can be sorted AND selectively (by criteria) shown or not shown. The text file the table "draws on" (or is built from) is called "Academy_Awards.txt" It is located in the same folder/directory as this web page. The first row of this text file represents the column headings. Each subsequent row represents a table row or record. Again, each item in each row is tab-separated. Once you get a copy of this web page (workingon4.html) and a copy of the associated text file (Academy_Awards.txt) on your own ("local") computer: You may replace the column headings and contents of each record as desired in the Academy_Awards.txt text file. All you must do in addition is View the Source of this web page and find the 2 - 6 other mentions of each column name and replace that column name just as you did in the Academy_Awards.txt file. (More advanced alterations may be made after you see how the thing works. In particular, you can see how the select boxes for determining what records are shown work and change these or add more such select boxes.)

Cut & Paste Fill-In the Blanks

About the 5. Cut & Paste Fill-In the Blanks : This would be good for the familiar matching exercises, where words are just used once, OR any other case where you want to use the word only once in some blank. In the example provided your goal is to cut and paste one noun and one adjective from the table into the blanks of the sentence. To do this: SELECT (highlight) a word from the table and use the Edit or context menu (obtained via rt. click) to cut it from the table. Then SELECT one or more spaces of one of the blanks in the sentence and choose Paste (from Edit or context menu) to replace the blank (or previous text) with the clipboard contents. Directions for how to modify the content of the page for your own use are on the web page and easy to learn and to do.

Corrected Drag & Drop

About the 6. Corrected Drag & Drop : "Corrected Drag & Drop" is pretty much what it sounds like. You drag a word and drop it in a blank. BUT, if the word is not the proper type for the blank then it is not dropped but rather you get an alert box telling you why you were in error. To repeat the directions for use, exactly as they appear on the web page: "If you have a local copy of this web page on your computer: You can view the Source of this web page and, if you know basic html, you can change the table column headings and table contents and add more columns or rows of contents to the table. You can also modify the sentences that the user is to use to do the fill-in-the-blanks exercise."