No-Tools-Needed (non-Flash) code that provides 
set of Menus with Links appearing in Drop-Downs 
that you can customize and add to any web page so 
your page has any number of menus that appear 
as drop-downs, on the clicking of the menu titles.

Here is the link for the zip:

I tried to make it clear where the contents of the drop-down menus 
are, so both the links in the drop-downs which appear onClick and 
the menu names themselves can be changed.  (Also, by adding font 
tags, such as <font size="-1"></font> tags, to the appropriate divs, 
the size of the font for the menus or the menu contents can be 
changed.)  This application is simply JavaScript, so it works on all 
JavaScript enabled browsers of both platforms and involves no 
special software to produce or modify.  It is very easy to use.

A roughed out working example of this application can be seen 
via THIS LINK.   All the menu names and all the links are the same  
but, of course, you would modify this so this was not the case.

Recently, I tried to come up with the very simplest "bare bones" example of 
the MENUS -- which you could see and which you could most easily take 
and use on your own web page.  This is a very undecorated version, but 
important simple customization techniques (all you are likely to need) are 
demonstrated.  CLICK HERE to see the "bare bones" example, complete 
with all the directions you should need, right there on the same page.